cherry blossoms 🌸

Cherry blossoms 🌸

This is a painting of a cherry blossom branch. I really like cherry blossoms but unfortunately they are unavailable in my country, Bangladesh. I love the soothing pink hue and the overall aesthetic of this flower.

I took inspiration from an artist i follow in instagram. Her name is Nan Rae and her Instagram username is @nanraefineart ( and I truly believe she is one of the most talented artists i know. She uses the method of Brush painting which i find very satisfying and joyful and thus i referenced her art in this painting!

Enjoy, till next time,

Raiyan 💕


Starting a new adventure

Hello, you guys! This is my first time writing in my blog. I have literally 0 idea about what to do with this blog but I’m hoping to find my way as time passes.

So, this post is basically about me so that whoever comes across this gets to know about me a little. I’m from a small country named Bangladesh and I love to paint/draw/sketch. It’s honestly one of my favorite things to do in the world. In this blog, I’ll mostly post about what i draw, how i do it and my inspirations and references, sometimes my thoughts and moods. Hope you enjoy. This is one of my pieces.

This is a watercolour painting of a rose and i used reference from an original picture from Pinterest they have tons!